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The Energy of Love

Leta Herman, Jaye McElroy

The Energy of Love shows you how to apply the Five Elements (from Chinese Medicine) for positive relationships, love, and happiness for yourself, your romantic partner, and non-romantic connections

Turn attraction into an intimate, long-lasting relationship with the Five Elements of energy-fire, earth, wood, water, and metal. Discover how to identify the elemental energy type within you and your partner, and then achieve what you both want in love. Using these tools, you can create the conditions for love at first sight and build a true connection with your partner. Leta Herman and Jaye McElroy provide the keys to improved relationships and energetic harmony. Use the helpful questionnaire to determine which of the elemental types you are. Find out what each type looks for in life and relationships. Learn how to adapt your partner's flaws, seeing them as the gifts they truly are. With this modern guide, you'll better understand yourself, your lover, and the energy of the world around you.

Paperback / softback
Llewellyn Publications,U.S.
Published Date:
203mm x 132mm
Popular psychology

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