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Westbourne Bookshop is a family-owned independent bookshop trading in Westbourne, Bournemouth, since 1994. We stock a full range of new books covering every genre, with a rapid ordering system in place to supply any book in print within 24-48 hours. We also stock a range of jigsaws, educational toys, cards, calendars, and diaries. 

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Meet our Litalisters

Miss Ada Doom Reads

Miss Ada Doom works in publishing, translates from the Russian, and snarks - provided there's any time left. Mostly, she's hiding in the woodshed, reading. Every book I've listed, I've read. I don't hate-list, unless it's literally the And I Still Hate It list.

13 32 362


Hello, I’m Hannah (Knight). Serial book clubber, co-host of The Unsolved Case of the Missing Salmon mystery podcast and Personal Shopper at The All Good Bookshop. If you’re ever near Turnpike Lane then pop in, it’s full of lovely books.

9 8 225


An independent bookshop in Arnold, Nottingham. We've got books for all tastes and if you can't find it, we'll happily order it in for you. In everything we do, we try to focus on keeping things as local as possible. Come on in and have a browse!

27 12 501

Yellow Lighted Bookshop Nailsworth

Our bookshop in Nailsworth in 2010 two years after our shop in Tetbury. It is a family business. Hereward, who started it, has worked in bookselling since the 1980s. The name is from a book, ‘The Yellow-Lighted Bookshop’, by an American called Lewis Buzbee. It’s a history of bookshops, and why they are socially, culturally and economically important. Lewis got the image from a letter than Vincent van Gogh (who had worked as a bookseller) wrote to his brother not long before he died. Van Gogh wanted to go back to Paris, and on a wet November evening, paint the yellow light of the bookshop pouring onto the street outside. We are very lucky to live and work in an amazing area, and we try to support our communities in every way we can. We are particularly interested in children’s and educational books.

9 1 67