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Laura Bates Author

Laura Bates is an activist, writer, speaker and journalist. She is the founder of the Everyday Sexism Project, an ever-increasing collection of over 200,000 testimonies of gender inequality. The project raises awareness of sexism, provides a cathartic and empowering space for survivors’ stories to be heard and believed, and uses those stories to create real-world change in partnership with politicians, businesses and organisations from the United Nations to the Council of Europe.

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Louie Stowell Author

I write books about magic, gods and monsters (mostly). I wouldn’t rule out writing about spaceships or murders or spies, either. The only books I promise not to write are ones about people sitting around talking about their feelings. A few of my favourite books as a child were Lord of the Rings, Just William, a space epic called Halo Jones and a book about a vegetarian vampire called Vlad the Drac. I love comics of all kinds and fact books about space and the environment. I used to write fact books, but honestly it’s a lot of work, so I’ve just let the truth slide and I make things up now. You get complaint letters if you say Jupiter has the wrong number of moons in a fact book, which really isn’t fair, because they keep discovering new moons, the cheats. I live in London with my wife, our dog Buffy and a creepy puppet who has no name.

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I make jam, marmalade & chutney, sell it online and deliver it by bike locally.

I volunteer in my local community bookshop (the All Good Bookshop) for half a day a week.

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Dialogue Books is the home to a variety of stories from illuminating voices often excluded from the mainstream and dedicated to sparking the conversation. Our foundations are built upon the idea that through storytelling we can create a more inclusive, nuanced conversation about experiences in our world that come before, after and next.

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