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Image of The Herb Gardening Handbook

The Herb Gardening Handbook

Andrew Perry

From Shelf: Spring to Life

Learn the basics with this fun, accessible and visual guide to growing herbs in container arrangements that look as good as they taste

The Herb Gardening Handbook gives you the know-how of what herbs to buy, what to plant them with, how to use them and even how to make herbs look good, no matter the space available.

Beginning with a simple guide of how to get started and the best growing conditions for herbs, The Herb Gardening Handbook is a stylish guide to 12 herb projects that will suit everything from indoor window ledges to balconies and gardens. From the Cocktail Herb Garden, which focuses on the botanicals that will make summer cocktails and drinks all the more fragrant to the Pizza Pantry Garden where readers will grow everything needed to create delicious pizza toppings. There are also projects looking to make a positive impact on the environment, such as the Bee Buffet, which will feature tasty herbs that pollinators will love to be a part of.

Using widely accessible herbs as well as suggestions for more interesting varieties and including stunning photography, this book is perfect for gardening beginners, as well as seasoned pros looking to learn some new tips and tricks on how to make the most of herbs.

Hardie Grant Books (UK)
Published Date:
185mm x 135mm
Gardening: herbs

RRP: £14.99

Format: Hardback

ISBN: 9781784885762

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