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Off The Shelf Festival 2022
Book Title Author ISBN
Book Image We, Hominids Frank Westerman, Sam Garrett 9781803281520
Book Image Peterdown David Annand 9781472155849
Book Image The Long Knives Irvine Welsh 9781787333963
Book Image In Praise of Good Bookstores Jeff Deutsch 9780691207766
Book Image Dear Blacksmith Beverley Ward 9781912436378
Book Image Notes on Water Amanda Dalton 9781914914164
Book Image Maps of Our Spectacular Bodies Maddie Mortimer 9781529069365
Book Image Emergency Daisy Hildyard 9781913097813
Book Image Ti Amo Hanne Orstavik 9781913505486
Book Image Standing on the Shoulders Dan Walker, Jr. 9781472291271
Book Image Home Is Not A Place Johny Pitts, Roger Robinson 9780008469511
Book Image Nomad Century Gaia Vince 9780241522318
Book Image Vagabonds Oskar Jensen 9780715654392
Book Image Fierce Appetites Elizabeth Boyle 9781844885442
Book Image Hey, who's in the loo? Harmen van Straaten 9781908702289
Book Image My Sand Life, My Pebble Life Ian Mcmillan 9781472982940
Book Image Phenotypes Paulo Scott, Daniel Hahn 9781913505189
Book Image Three Centuries of Travel Writing by Muslim Women Siobhan Lambert-Hurley, Daniel Majchrowicz, Sunil Sharma 9780253062390
Book Image Black England Gretchen Gerzina 9781399804882
Book Image The Secret Diaries of Charles Ignatius Sancho PATERSON JOSEPH 9780349702391
Book Image Sell Us the Rope Stephen May 9781913207885
Book Image My Own Worst Enemy Robert Edric 9781800750838
Book Image Mortal Monarchs Suzie Edge 9781472294227
Book Image Closer to the Edge Leo Houlding 9781472288677
Book Image Fake History Otto English 9781787396425
Book Image The Poetry Pharmacy Returns William Sieghart 9780241419052
Book Image The Politics of Street Trees Jan Woudstra, Camilla Allen 9780367516284
Book Image Without Warning and Only Sometimes Kit de Waal 9781472284839
Book Image Selected Poems Linton Kwesi Johnson 9780241994115
Book Image The Magic Dan Rhodes 9781472294746
Book Image The Clockwork Eyeball Steven Poore 9781913603120
Book Image The Man Who Would be King Rudyard Rudyard Kipling, Alistair John Perrott Sims 9781913603144
Book Image Rise and Shine Kate Oliver, Toby Oliver 9780349429359
Book Image An Emotional Dictionary Susie Dent 9781529379679
Book Image Playing Under the Piano: 'Comedy gold' Sunday Times Hugh Bonneville 9781408716830
Book Image What Just Happened?! Marina Hyde 9781783352593
Book Image Children of Memory Adrian Tchaikovsky 9781529087178
Book Image The Black Locomotive Rian Hughes 9781529074420
Book Image The View from the Hill Christopher Somerville 9781909961760
Book Image The Jamaica Reader Diana Paton, Matthew J. Smith 9781478011514
Book Image The Lost Simon Beckett 9781409192787
Book Image Hope to Die Cara Hunter 9780241990162
Book Image Adoette Lydia Monks 9781839131899
Book Image Electronically Yours Martyn Ware 9780349135151
Book Image On Gallows Down Nicola Chester 9781915294067
Book Image Northerners Brian Groom 9780008471200
Book Image Fight Back A. M. Dassu 9780702315886
Book Image Keep Dancing, Lizzie Chu Maisie Chan 9781800781610
Book Image Clubland Pete Brown 9780008457549
Book Image The Gamekeeper Barry Hines 9781913505301
Book Image In Public/In Private Leyla Josephine 9781913958350
Book Image Re-Sisters Cosey Fanni Tutti 9780571362189
Book Image Back in the Day Melvyn Bragg 9781529394450
Book Image Pericles William Shakespeare 9780141396637
Book Image The Haunted Hills Berlie Doherty 9781912979936
Book Image Yorkshire Andrew Martin 9781472154859
Book Image The Clanlands Almanac Sam Heughan, Graham McTavish 9781529372151
Book Image Murder Before Evensong Reverend Richard Coles 9781474612630
Book Image What Are You Doing Here? Floella Benjamin 9781529071054
Book Image Modern Buildings in Britain Owen Hatherley 9780241534632