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Book Title Author ISBN
Book Image Head On John Scalzi 9781509835102
Book Image Helter Skelter Vincent Bugliosi, Curt Gentry 9781787461185
Book Image Oryx And Crake Margaret Atwood 9780349004068
Book Image Elidor Alan Garner 9780008248536
Book Image Yearbook Seth Rogen 9780751575781
Book Image Conversations with Friends Sally Rooney 9780571333134
Book Image Dune Frank Herbert 9781529347852
Book Image Midnight's Children Salman Rushdie 9780099511892
Book Image So You Want to Talk About Race Ijeoma Oluo 9781541647435
Book Image Vagabonds Hao Jingfang, Ken Liu 9781786696502
Book Image Nod Adrian Barnes 9781783298228
Book Image Light Perpetual Francis (author) Spufford 9780571336487
Book Image The Outrun - A Memoir 9780393608960
Book Image Vine Street Dominic Nolan 9781472288868
Book Image Ariadne Jennifer Saint 9781472273864
Book Image Snow Country Sebastian Faulks 9781786330192
Book Image Tomorrow Chris (Author) Beckett 9781786499356
Book Image The Guest List Lucy Foley 9780008440183
Book Image Weather Jenny (Y) Offill 9781783784769
Book Image Femlandia Christina Dalcher 9780008440336
Book Image Wayward Voyage Anna M. Holmes 9781913551728
Book Image Underland Robert Macfarlane 9780141030579