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Official Indie Top 12 Non-Fiction Bestsellers (Week 4, 2022)
Book Title Author ISBN
Book Image Islands of Abandonment Cal Flyn 9780008329808
Book Image Recovery Gavin Francis 9781800810488
Book Image Entangled Life Merlin Sheldrake 9781784708276
Book Image Wintering Katherine May 9781846045998
Book Image Breath James Nestor 9780241289129
Book Image Fall John Preston 9780241388686
Book Image Taste Stanley Tucci 9780241500996
Book Image The Power of Geography Tim Marshall 9781783966028
Book Image The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse Charlie Mackesy 9781529105100
Book Image Empireland Sathnam Sanghera 9780241445310
Book Image English Pastoral James Rebanks 9780141982571
Book Image Spoon-Fed Tim Spector 9781529112733