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"Books that explain the past, the present and maybe even the future" Overheard on twitter, list built by Rother Books
Book Title Author ISBN
Book Image Lancaster John Nichol 9781471180477
Book Image Fall John Preston 9780241388686
Book Image Ancestors Alice Roberts 9781471188015
Book Image When Time Stopped Ariana Neumann 9781471179433
Book Image Prisoners of Geography Tim Marshall 9781783961412
Book Image The Power of Geography Tim Marshall 9781783965953
Book Image Empireland Sathnam Sanghera 9780241445310
Book Image Entangled Life Merlin Sheldrake 9781847925190
Book Image Kleptopia Tom Burgis 9780008308384
Book Image Putin's People Catherine Belton 9780007578818
Book Image Islands of Abandonment Cal Flyn 9780008329808
Book Image The Red Prince Helen Carr 9780861540822
Book Image The Shortest History of England James Hawes 9781910400999
Book Image The White Ship Charles Spencer 9780008296841
Book Image The Ratline Philippe Sands 9781474608121
Book Image Agent Sonya Ben Macintyre 9780241986950
Book Image Madhouse at the End of the Earth Julian Sancton 9780753553466
Book Image Jews Don't Count David Baddiel 9780008399511