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Books recommended during the podcast The Rest is Politics (organised shortest to longest)
Book Title Author ISBN
Book Image Dogger Shirley Hughes 9781862308053
Book Image In His Own Write John Lennon 9781782115403
Book Image The God Desire David Baddiel 9780008550288
Book Image On Tyranny Timothy Snyder 9781847924889
Book Image Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus Ludwig Wittgenstein, Brian McGuiness, David Pears 9780415254083
Book Image Tintin in the Land of the Soviets Herge 9781405266512
Book Image Jews Don't Count David Baddiel 9780008399511
Book Image How To Stop Brexit (And Make Britain Great Again) Nick Clegg 9781847925237
Book Image Spring Flowers, Spring Frost Ismail Kadare, David Bellos 9780099449836
Book Image Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus Ludwig Wittgenstein 9780198861379
Book Image Life Support Dr Jim Down 9780241506318
Book Image Broken April Ismail Kadare 9780099449874
Book Image The Poets' Guide to Economics John Ramsden 9781843682219
Book Image Breathe Sadiq Khan 9781529152784
Book Image Winters in the World Eleanor Parker 9781789146721
Book Image Palestinian Walks Raja Shehadeh 9781861978998
Book Image Xi Jinping Stefan Aust, Adrian Geiges 9781509555147
Book Image Life in the Balance Dr Jim Down 9780241506387
Book Image The Fight Norman Mailer 9780141184142
Book Image Chums Simon Kuper 9781788167390
Book Image The Leopard Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa, Archibald Colquhoun 9780099512158
Book Image Mindf*ck Christopher Wylie 9781788165006
Book Image Between Starshine and Clay Sarah Ladipo Manyika 9781804440087
Book Image All in the Mind Alastair Campbell 9780099528029
Book Image Criminal Angela Kirwin 9781398705838
Book Image It's OK To Be Angry About Capitalism Bernie Sanders 9780241643280
Book Image The Lion House Christopher De Bellaigue 9780099578697
Book Image This Sporting Life David Storey 9781784873974
Book Image Net Zero Dieter Helm 9780008404499
Book Image The Midnight Library Matt Haig 9781786892737
Book Image Politics Nick Clegg 9781784704162
Book Image A Wizard of Earthsea Ursula Le Guin 9780141354910
Book Image Poor Economics Abhijit V. Banerjee, Esther Duflo 9780718193669
Book Image Living Better Alastair Campbell 9781529331837
Book Image The Middle Daughter Chika Unigwe 9781838857899
Book Image Motherless Brooklyn Jonathan Lethem 9780571359318
Book Image Treasure Island Robert Louis Stevenson 9780241411216
Book Image Politics On the Edge Rory Stewart 9781787332713
Book Image Unforgettable Steve Thompson 9781788705905
Book Image Nothing But The Truth The Secret Barrister 9781529057065
Book Image The Ambassador Tom Fletcher 9781800328976
Book Image Out of the Blue Harry Cole, James Heale 9780008605780
Book Image The Siege Ismail Kadare, David Bellos 9781786893949
Book Image Austerity Mark (Professor of Political Economy, Professor of Political Economy, Brown University) Blyth 9780199389445
Book Image Treasure Island Robert Louis Stevenson 9780141321004
Book Image The Naked Diplomat Tom Fletcher 9780008127589
Book Image Northern Protestants: On Shifting Ground Susan McKay 9781780732640
Book Image GO BIG Ed Miliband 9781529112757
Book Image Why We Get the Wrong Politicians Isabel (Author) Hardman 9781782399759
Book Image Crack-Up Capitalism Quinn Slobodian 9780241460245
Book Image Tribes David Lammy 9781472128720
Book Image War Doctor David Nott 9781509837052
Book Image Scenes from Prehistoric Life Francis Pryor 9781789544152
Book Image Between Two Fires Joshua Yaffa 9781783783724
Book Image Close-Up Len Deighton 9780241505328
Book Image Why We Sleep Matthew Walker 9780141983769
Book Image How to Run A Government Michael Barber 9780141979588
Book Image Mozart in Motion Patrick Mackie 9781783785995
Book Image January Window Philip Kerr 9781784082536
Book Image The Marches Rory Stewart 9780099581895
Book Image The Tyranny of Nostalgia Russell Jones 9781913019792
Book Image The Great Experiment Yascha Mounk 9781526630155
Book Image The Great Experiment Yascha Mounk 9781526630131
Book Image The Land Drenched in Tears Soeyungul Chanisheff, Rahima Mahmut 9781910886380
Book Image Beyond A Fringe Andrew Mitchell 9781785907616
Book Image Madame Bovary Gustave Flaubert, Adam Thorpe 9780099573074
Book Image Doughnut Economics Kate Raworth 9781847941398
Book Image Our Last Best Chance King Abdullah II of Jordan 9780141048796
Book Image The Value of Everything Mariana Mazzucato 9780141980768
Book Image Being Elvis Ray Connolly 9781474604574
Book Image Look Who's Back Timur Vermes, Jamie Bulloch 9781782067832
Book Image Windswept & Interesting Billy Connolly 9781529318272
Book Image Left Out Gabriel Pogrund, Patrick Maguire 9781529113624
Book Image Heirs to Forgotten Kingdoms Gerard Russell 9781471114717
Book Image The Places In Between Rory Stewart 9781447271062
Book Image Saturday Bloody Saturday Alastair Campbell, Paul, MBE Fletcher 9781409174547
Book Image Making Sense of the Troubles David McKittrick, David McVea 9780241962657
Book Image Killing Thatcher Rory Carroll 9780008476656
Book Image The Enemy Within Sayeeda Warsi 9780241276037
Book Image Orientalism Edward W. Said 9780141187426
Book Image There Is Nothing For You Here Fiona Hill 9780358574316
Book Image Chasing the Scream Johann Hari 9781526608369
Book Image The Avoidable War Kevin Rudd 9781541701298
Book Image The Revenge of Power Moises Naim 9781250875822
Book Image Lost Realms Thomas Williams 9780008171964
Book Image Churchill and de Gaulle Will Morrisey 9781442241190
Book Image The Dogs Of War Frederick Forsyth 9780099559856
Book Image My Secret Brexit Diary Michel Barnier, Robin Mackay 9781509550869
Book Image The Diary of a Young Girl Anne Frank 9780141315195
Book Image The Holocaust Dan Stone 9780241388709
Book Image Seeing Like a State James C. Scott 9780300246759
Book Image Occupational Hazards Rory Stewart 9780330440509
Book Image The Greatest Knight Thomas Asbridge 9781471196447
Book Image Decline & Fall Chris Mullin 9781846684005
Book Image My Promised Land Ari Shavit 9781925228588
Book Image This is Europe Ben Judah 9781447276265
Book Image Sapiens Yuval Noah Harari 9780099590088
Book Image The Righteous Mind Jonathan Haidt 9780141039169
Book Image The Holocaust Laurence Rees 9780241979969
Book Image Say Nothing Patrick Radden Keefe 9780008159269
Book Image Homo Deus Yuval Noah Harari 9781784703936
Book Image Bloodlands Timothy Snyder 9780099551799
Book Image The Constant Gardener John Le Carre 9780241322307
Book Image The Body and Society Peter (Princeton University) Brown 9780231144070
Book Image No More Champagne David Lough 9781784081829
Book Image Pandemic Diaries Matt Hancock, Isabel Oakeshott 9781785907746
Book Image A View From The Foothills Chris Mullin 9781846682308
Book Image Call Me Dave Michael A. Ashcroft, Isabel Oakeshott 9781785900228
Book Image One Party After Another Michael Crick 9781471192326
Book Image One Party After Another Michael Crick 9781471192296
Book Image Johnson at 10 Anthony (author) Seldon, Raymond (Author) Newell 9781838958022
Book Image We Don't Know Ourselves Fintan O'Toole 9781784978341
Book Image A Prince of Our Disorder John E. Mack 9780674704947
Book Image Wolf Hall Hilary Mantel 9780008381691
Book Image The Honourable Schoolboy John Le Carre 9780241322352
Book Image Lion of Jordan Avi Shlaim 9780141017280
Book Image My Name Is Red Orhan Pamuk, Erdag M Goknar 9780571268832
Book Image The Burden of Power Alastair Campbell 9780099514732
Book Image Diaries Volume One Alastair Campbell 9780099493457
Book Image A Place of Greater Safety Hilary Mantel 9780007250554
Book Image The Path to Power Robert A Caro 9781847926159
Book Image Team of Rivals Doris Kearns Goodwin 9780141043722
Book Image The First Man in Rome Colleen McCullough 9780061582417
Book Image Harlot's Ghost Norman Mailer 9780345379658
Book Image War and Peace Leo Tolstoy, Louise and Aylmer Maude 9780199232765