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Image of Macbeth United: A Football Tragedy

Macbeth United: A Football Tragedy

Michael Rosen, Tony Ross

From Shelf: Twenty Key Titles for Y6

The classic Shakespeare play has been reimagined as the story of Macbeth, a promising 12-year-old striker on the Shotfield football team, and his burning desire to become team captain. Macbeth's mum pushes him to do whatever it takes to get ahead and get noticed by academy scouts. So when it comes to the big game, fair is foul and fouls are fair.

SHORTLISTED FOR THE 2021 CHILDREN'S TELEGRAPH SPORTS BOOK AWARD! This season, get ready for a striking reimagining of William Shakespeare's classic tale, Macbeth. 12-year-old striker Macbeth has a promising talent on the field. He also has a burning desire to become captain of Shotfield football team, and he is prepared to do whatever it takes. Macbeth's hard-hearted mother also pushes him to succeed - getting ahead to get spotted by academy scouts, even if it means dirty tricks. So when the whistle blows for the big game, fair is foul and fouls are definitely fair! A back-of-the-net retelling of Shakespeare's classic play from bestselling author Michael Rosen and beloved illustrator Tony Ross. For young football fans everywhere, this book reveals the drama to be found in any football league. And it's a great introduction to Shakespeare's famous play!Michael Rosen is best known by kids for We're Going On a Bear Hunt, his poem "Chocolate Cake", and his popular YouTube channel. Grown-ups know him for his education advocacy and BBC radio programmes. His recent book, Many Different Kinds of Love, chronicles his experiences surviving the coronavirus. Michael is an ardent Arsenal fan. The book is illustrated throughout by Toni Ross, an artist familiar to all children for his work on the Horrid Henry series and David Walliams's books.

Paperback / softback
Published Date:
200mm x 134mm x 19mm
Sporting stories (Children's / Teenage)

RRP: £6.99

Format: Paperback / softback

ISBN: 9781407188584

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