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Image of Wild Nights Out

Wild Nights Out

Chris Salisbury, Chris Packham

From Shelf: Our Connections to Nature

[Wild Nights Out] is a wonderful invitation to rediscover the dark and all the thing that cry, creep or glow there. Chris Packham from the Foreword

[Wild Nights Out] is about reframing our relationship with darkness...because without that affinity humans will remain tourists in their own landscape. the Guardian

This book gently holds your hand and guides you into the mysterious folds of the darkness, helping you get the most out of the night. Nocturnal empowerment for the curious. Nick Baker, naturalist, TV presenter and author

The go-to guide for exploring nature at night, whether on summer holidays, weekends away or even back garden adventures!

Learn how to call for owls, walk like a fox and expand your sensory perceptions. Wild Nights Out is a wonderful new hands-on guide for those who wish to take kids (of all ages) outdoors for fun, thrilling nighttime nature adventures.

Parents, grandparents, teachers and nature educators alike will discover a wealth of unique activities to explore the natural world from dusk till dawn. Alongside games, walks and exercises to expand our senses, storyteller and outdoor educator Chris Salisbury will bring this unexplored nocturnal dimension to life with lore about badgers, bats and minibeasts as well as tales of the constellations and planets to share around the campfire. In Wild Nights Out you can expect to find:

25 fun and informative games and activitiesPractical information on how to conduct night walks safely Animal facts and stargazing storiesBeautiful black-and-white illustrations throughout

Nature has so much to offer at night, so let Wild Nights Out be your guide to the dark. It will boost the resilience and self-confidence of children and adults, and instill a lifelong love of having fun in the outdoors when the sun goes down.

Paperback / softback
Chelsea Green Publishing Co
Published Date:
229mm x 153mm x 17mm
Natural history

RRP: £14.99

Format: Paperback / softback

ISBN: 9781603589932

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