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The Ambrosia Project

Abi Silver

From Shelf: 2022 Reads

A tragic accident? Or is there a poisoner on the loose? In the sixth of Abi Silver's nail-biting games of court-room cat-and-mouse, Judith Burton and Constance Lamb defend a caterer accused of killing a food magnate by negligence. Is something darker afoot?

When food magnate Brett Ingram collapses and dies at a public event, his seafood allergy is blamed and the caterer, Nick Demetriou, charged with manslaughter. Nick hires legal duo Judith Burton and Constance Lamb to defend him. They scrutinise the colourful panellists at the event - a food blogger, a beef farmer, a food scientist, a TV chef and a radio host - who all seem to be holding something back. There's something fishy about the allergy story. Did one of the speakers have a hand in the businessman's death? And what of the nasty incidents that keep befalling them? Should the net be cast wider to include opponents of Brett's mysterious Ambrosia initiative? In another of Abi Silver's nail-biting games of courtroom cat-and-mouse, Judith and Constance must find the truth among a smorgasbord of lies and deception.

Paperback / softback
Eye Books
Published Date:
198mm x 129mm
Modern & contemporary fiction (post c 1945)

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Format: Paperback / softback

ISBN: 9781785633201

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