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Image of The Dream of Surrealism (1000-Piece Art History Jigsaw Puzzle)

The Dream of Surrealism (1000-Piece Art History Jigsaw Puzzle)

Brecht Vandenbroucke

From Shelf: Solving the puzzle one piece at a time

Learn about art history with this exciting new range of jigsaws for art lovers

Piece together the artists, poets and muses behind the movement that turned the art world on its head, and then pushed it through the looking glass. Wander the abandoned streets of a Giorgio de Chirico city and follow Salvador Dali's moustache and Rene Magritte's bowler hat into a world where a pipe is not a pipe, Sigmund Freud dances a tango with a skeleton, lobsters answer the phone and donkeys tap out the rhythm on baby grands.

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Orion Publishing Co
Published Date:
245mm x 345mm
Puzzles & quizzes

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Format: Other printed item

ISBN: 9781786273130

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