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Image of A Year of Garden Bees and Bugs

A Year of Garden Bees and Bugs

Dominic Couzens, Gail Ashton, Lesley Buckingham

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Discover 52 minibeasts from around the world, one each week of the year, in this fascinating journey into the secret life of insects.

A fascinating journey into the secret life of insects, with QR codes linked to videos that bring every creature to life.

Just as birds have yearly rhythms, so do bees, beetles, butterflies and other insects. Wildlife experts Dominic Couzens and Gail Ashton discover 52 minibeasts from around the world.

They tell the story of what is happening week-by-week in the insect world, in our own backyards, window boxes and in hidden corners of our homes. From the daily grind of the house spider building a new web each morning, to the vast appetites of ladybirds, which can devour hundreds of aphids a day, and the glory of the Stag beetle's maiden flight. We delve into the world of the lethal Sydney funnelweb spider in Australian gardens, the migratory mission of the Monarch butterfly in America and the life of the backdoor scorpions in South Africa. In among the seasonal behaviour, the authors have woven history and folklore.

These brilliant stories are complemented by wonderful illustrations by Lesley Buckingham that bring out the beauty of the entomological world. A QR code for each entry takes you to a video file to further explore the habits of these intriguing creatures. Revealing the true wonder of our insect neighbours, this book will appeal to all nature lovers.

Batsford Ltd
Published Date:
156mm x 221mm
Wildlife: butterflies, other insects & spiders

RRP: £20

Format: Hardback

ISBN: 9781849947954

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