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Book Title Author ISBN
Book Image The Bookseller Cynthia Swanson 9781473674103
Book Image The Lighthouse Fran Dorricott 9780008518516
Book Image The Night Interns Austin Duffy 9781783788330
Book Image Taste Stanley Tucci 9780241501009
Book Image The Tick and the Tock of the Crocodile Clock Kenny Boyle 9781785633027
Book Image The Origins of Iris Beth Lewis 9781529357684
Book Image The Final Revival of Opal & Nev Dawnie Walton 9781529414530
Book Image My Own Worst Enemy Robert Edric 9781800750814
Book Image The Hidden Child Rebecca Griffiths 9781800198944
Book Image Just Another Liar Mandy Byatt 9780008459918
Book Image The End of Men Christina Sweeney-Baird 9780008407964
Book Image The Marmalade Diaries Ben Aitken 9781785788130
Book Image Love, Betty Laura Kemp 9781409189213
Book Image An Indiscreet Princess Georgie Blalock 9780063083288
Book Image Learning to Speak American Colette Dartford 9781785770029
Book Image An Unsuitable Marriage Colette Dartford 9781785760532
Book Image The Manhattan Girls Gill Paul 9780008530945
Book Image That Bonesetter Woman Frances Quinn 9781471193446
Book Image Ginger and Me Elissa Soave 9780008458416
Book Image Let Me Lie Clare Mackintosh 9780751576368
Book Image The Truth About Lisa Jewell Will Brooker 9781529136029
Book Image 59 Memory Lane Celia Anderson 9780008305413
Book Image The Mayfair Bookshop Eliza Knight 9780063211469
Book Image Ten Years Pernille Hughes 9780008536725
Book Image The Peacock House Kate Glanville 9781472279910
Book Image A Postcard from Capri Alex Brown 9780008422011
Book Image Toto Among the Murderers Sally J Morgan 9781529300390
Book Image Verity Colleen Hoover 9781791392796
Book Image Empty Greatcoat, The Rebecca F. John 9781916398603
Book Image Everything's Perfect Nicole Kennedy 9781800240124
Book Image Sankofa Chibundu Onuzo 9780349013138
Book Image Dog Rose Dirt Jen Williams 9780008383800