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Book Title Author ISBN
Book Image The Secret Diaries of Charles Ignatius Sancho PATERSON JOSEPH 9780349702391
Book Image Skin of the Sea Natasha Bowen 9780241413975
Book Image Soul of the Deep Natasha Bowen 9780593644881
Book Image I Know What You've Done Dorothy Koomson 9781472277374
Book Image All My Lies Are True Dorothy Koomson 9781472260420
Book Image The Brighton Mermaid Dorothy Koomson 9781784755423
Book Image My Other Husband Dorothy Koomson 9781472277398
Book Image The Ice Cream Girls Dorothy Koomson 9781472261717
Book Image Goodnight, Beautiful Dorothy Koomson 9781472261564
Book Image My Best Friend's Girl Dorothy Koomson 9781472261625
Book Image Tell Me Your Secret Dorothy Koomson 9781472260390
Book Image The Rose Petal Beach Dorothy Koomson 9781472261779
Book Image The Rose Petal Beach Dorothy Koomson 9781472261786
Book Image The Beach Wedding Dorothy Koomson 9781784756383
Book Image Marshmallows for Breakfast Dorothy Koomson 9781472261595
Book Image The Cupid Effect Dorothy Koomson 9781472261687
Book Image The Chocolate Run Dorothy Koomson 9781472261656
Book Image When I Was Invisible Dorothy Koomson 9781780893372
Book Image The Woman He Loved Before Dorothy Koomson 9781472261748
Book Image That Day You Left Dorothy Koomson 9781472266972
Book Image That Girl From Nowhere Dorothy Koomson 9780099598831
Book Image The Friend Dorothy Koomson 9781784755409
Book Image The Attic Child Lola Jaye 9781529064575
Book Image In Every Mirror She's Black Lola Akinmade Akerstrom 9781801108584
Book Image My Sister, the Serial Killer Oyinkan Braithwaite 9781786495983
Book Image Wahala Nikki May 9780857527783
Book Image The Color Purple Alice Walker 9780143135692
Book Image Queenie Candice Carty-Williams 9781409180074
Book Image The Confessions of Frannie Langton Sara Collins 9780241984017
Book Image Kindred Octavia E. Butler 9781472258229
Book Image Beneath the Burning Wave Jennifer Hayashi Danns 9780008491185
Book Image River Sing Me Home Eleanor Shearer 9781472291370
Book Image The Day I Fell Off My Island Yvonne Bailey-Smith 9781838386047
Book Image And the Stars Were Burning Brightly Danielle Jawando 9781471178771
Book Image When Our Worlds Collided Danielle Jawando 9781471178795
Book Image The Witchery S Isabelle 9781338758979
Book Image The Gilded Ones Namina Forna 9781474959575
Book Image The Merciless Ones Namina Forna 9781474959582
Book Image Witches Steeped in Gold Ciannon Smart 9781471409585
Book Image Empress Crowned in Red Ciannon Smart 9781471411229
Book Image Raybearer Jordan Ifueko 9781471409271
Book Image Redemptor Hot Key Books, Jordan Ifueko 9781471410130
Book Image Cinderella Is Dead Kalynn Bayron 9781526621979
Book Image This Poison Heart Kalynn Bayron 9781526632791
Book Image This Wicked Fate Kalynn Bayron 9781526650726
Book Image Zo and the Forest of Secrets ALAKE PILGRIM 9781913311292
Book Image Nura and the Immortal Palace M. T. Khan 9781529503494
Book Image Rapunzella, Or, Don't Touch My Hair Ella McLeod 9780702313868
Book Image Ellie Pillai is Brown Christine Pillainayagam 9780571366910
Book Image The Final Strife Saara El-Arifi 9780008450427
Book Image Daughter of the Moon Goddess Sue Lynn Tan 9780008479305
Book Image Heart of the Sun Warrior Sue Lynn Tan 9780008479343
Book Image Only a Monster Vanessa Len 9781529380064
Book Image Never a Hero Vanessa Len 9781529380118
Book Image The Monsters We Defy LESLYE PENELOPE 9780356518107
Book Image Children of Blood and Bone Tomi Adeyemi 9781509871353
Book Image Children of Virtue and Vengeance Tomi Adeyemi 9781509899456