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Book Title Author ISBN
Book Image The Wake-Up Call Beth O'Leary 9781529418248
Book Image The Pumpkin Spice Cafe Laurie Gilmore 9780008610678
Book Image This Winter Alice Oseman 9780008412937
Book Image How Do You Live? Genzaburo Yoshino 9781846046469
Book Image The Kamogawa Food Detectives Hisashi Kashiwai, Jesse Kirkwood 9781035009572
Book Image Before the Coffee Gets Cold Toshikazu Kawaguchi, Geoffrey Trousselot 9781035032280
Book Image Legends & Lattes Travis Baldree 9781035007325
Book Image The Cat Who Saved Books Sosuke Natsukawa, Louise Heal Kawai 9781529081480
Book Image Remarkably Bright Creatures Shelby Van Pelt 9781526649676
Book Image The Vintage Shop Libby Page 9781409188339
Book Image Little Women Louisa May Alcott 9780141192413
Book Image Midnight at the Christmas Bookshop Jenny Colgan 9781408726235
Book Image Love Untold Ruth Jones 9781804991015
Book Image Again, Rachel Marian Keyes 9781405945394