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On the Tip of My Tongue


From Shelf: Laughter is like good chocolate or delicious cake – they make you feel good

On the Tip of My Tongue is a witty and chatty curated list of words for everyday life encounters.

In On the Tip of My Tongue, logophile and television star Tom Read Wilson takes a delicious dive into the etymology and usage of words, euphemisms and bon mots. Written with his trademark sparkling wit, the star of Celebs Go Dating and self-avowed word-lover presents a hilarious and fascinating guide which aims to leave you never lost for words again. Divided into sections spanning dating, personal development, show business, compliments, curses, and how to dodge offence while speaking your mind, this book will equip you with the words needed to navigate all the situations of modern life with style and grace. From treppenwitz (the German word for the feeling of a missed riposte in an argument) to Callipygian (a 17th Century word referring to someone with well shaped buttocks) to JOMO (the Joy of Missing Out), this guide covers a wide and varied range of words, from those with roots in antiquity to new ones being coined in the present day. With Tom's wit and lifelong love of words by your side, you'll always be able to pick the perfect word, phrase or quip, whether you are trying to understand the many metaphors for sex or trying to tell your mother you love her. This is a delightful and hilarious etymological solution to the dilemmas and conundrums of modern life and a must-read for every budding vocabularian.

Quarto Publishing PLC
Published Date:
198mm x 129mm
Language: history & general works

RRP: £12.99

Format: Hardback

ISBN: 9780711276673

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Laughter is like good chocolate or delicious cake – they make you feel good
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