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Image of Invisible Girl

Invisible Girl

Lisa Jewell

From Shelf: Recommended Reads

You don't see her. But she sees you. From the #1 bestselling author of The Family Upstairs and Then She Was Gone comes an engrossing, twist-packed story of dark family secrets and betrayal.'Her best yet.' JOJO MOYES'Dark, furiously twisty and utterly gripping.' LUCY FOLEY'A masterclass in how to write with pace and tension.' HARRIET TYCE______________MIDNIGHT. In the bad part of town, where cats prowl and foxes shriek, a girl is watching...When Saffyre Maddox was ten, something terrible happened, and she's carried the pain of it ever since. The man who she thought was going to heal her didn't, and now she hides and watches him, learning his secrets, invisible in the shadows.Owen Pick is invisible too. He's never had a girlfriend; he's never even had a friend.Nobody sees him. Nobody cares.But when Saffyre goes missing from opposite his house on Valentine's Day, suddenly the whole world is looking at Owen.Accusing him. Holding him responsible for Saffyre's disappearance . . .______________Readers can't get enough of Invisible Girl . . .***** 'Hot diggity dang!! Now that's what I been talking about!'***** 'There is more than one mystery to unravel here fans!!'***** 'Every time I thought I had figured out what was going on things changed again!'***** 'This book was crazy good. I couldn't read it fast enough'***** 'This suspenseful thriller will touch your heart and captivate you with the shocking conclusion!'

Paperback / softback
Published Date:
198mm x 129mm x 26mm
Crime & mystery

RRP: £9.99

Format: Paperback / softback

ISBN: 9781787461505

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