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The Throne

Ian Lloyd

The eventful history of British coronations from 1066 to the present day.

From the crowning of Charles III, thirty-nine coronations have been held in Westminster Abbey since the Norman Conquest. Only two monarchs - Edward V and Edward VIII - were uncrowned, and a further twenty or so Scottish monarchs were crowned elsewhere, usually at either Scone Abbey or Holyrood Abbey.In The Throne, Ian Lloyd turns his inimitable, quick-witted style to these key events in British royal history, providing fascinating anecdotes and interesting facts: William the Conqueror's Christmas Day crowning, during which jubilant shouts were mistaken by his guards as an assassination attempt; the dual coronation of William and Mary in 1689; the pared-back 'Half Crown-ation' of William IV; and the televised spectacle of Elizabeth II's 1953 ceremony.Detailing everything from the famous Coronation Chair made for Edward I and the Crown Jewels to the infamously uncomfortable Gold State Coach - this is a truly spectacular celebration of British culture and the ultimate pomp of royalty.

The History Press Ltd
Published Date:
216mm x 138mm
Social & cultural history

RRP: £16.99

Format: Hardback

ISBN: 9781803992860

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