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Book Title Author ISBN
Book Image The Windsor Knot S.J. Bennett 9781838774318
Book Image A Three Dog Problem S.J. Bennett 9781838774844
Book Image Murder Most Royal S.J. Bennett 9781838776206
Book Image A Death in Diamonds S.J. Bennett 9781838776237
Book Image Murder at the Book Festival Jane Bettany 9780008589745
Book Image Miss Austen Investigates Jessica Bull 9780241642085
Book Image Date with Evil Julia Chapman 9781529095401
Book Image Murder Before Evensong Reverend Richard Coles 9781474612647
Book Image A Fatal Encounter in Tuscany Vivian Conroy 9780008549329
Book Image The Enigma of Room 622 Joel Dicker, Robert Bononno 9781529425277
Book Image Ibiza Surprise Dorothy Dunnett 9781788424134
Book Image Death on the Lusitania R. L. Graham 9781035021918
Book Image A Spoonful of Murder J.M. Hall 9780008509613
Book Image A Pen Dipped in Poison J.M. Hall 9780008509644
Book Image The Appeal Janice Hallett 9781788165303
Book Image The Mysterious Case of the Alperton Angels Janice Hallett 9781800810440
Book Image The Christmas Appeal Janice Hallett 9781800817357
Book Image Exiles Jane Harper 9781529098464
Book Image The Housekeepers Alex Hay 9781472299338
Book Image Murder on Lake Garda Tom Hindle 9781529902198
Book Image Vera Kelly Lost and Found Rosalie Knecht 9780857308283
Book Image Needless Alley NATALIE MARLOW 9781399801812
Book Image The Murderous Type Sue Minix 9780008584658
Book Image A Chapter on Murder Sue Minix 9780008584689
Book Image A Cover for Murder Sue Minix 9780008659790
Book Image Death and Croissants Ian Moore 9781788424233
Book Image Death and Fromage Ian Moore 9781788424271
Book Image Murder at Church Lodge Greg Mosse 9781399715133
Book Image Knife Skills for Beginners Orlando Murrin 9781787636811
Book Image The Last Devil To Die Richard Osman 9780241512449
Book Image The Man Who Died Twice Richard Osman 9780241988244
Book Image The Thursday Murder Club Richard Osman 9780241988268
Book Image The Bullet That Missed Richard Osman 9780241992388
Book Image Mrs Sidhu's 'Dead and Scone' Suk Pannu 9780008562922
Book Image Maude Horton's Glorious Revenge Lizzie Pook 9781529072891
Book Image The Proof in the Pudding Rosemary Shrager 9781472135407
Book Image The Marlow Murder Club Robert Thorogood 9780008435912
Book Image Death Comes to Marlow Robert Thorogood 9780008476519
Book Image The Queen of Poisons Robert Thorogood 9780008567330
Book Image A Mischief of Rats Sarah Yarwood-Lovett 9781471415357