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Books that caught our eye.. New in hardback for september
Book Title Author ISBN
Book Image Before We Say Goodbye Toshikazu Kawaguchi 9781035023424
Book Image The Fraud Zadie Smith 9780241336991
Book Image The Last Devil To Die Richard Osman 9780241512449
Book Image Holly Stephen King 9781399712910
Book Image The Seventh Son Sebastian Faulks 9781529153200
Book Image Weirdo Sara Pascoe 9780571374526
Book Image The MANIAC Benjamin Labatut 9781782279815
Book Image A Thimble for Christmas Dilly Court 9780008580742
Book Image My Work Olga Ravn, Sophia Hersi Smith, Jennifer Russell 9781915267177
Book Image From a Far and Lovely Country Alexander McCall Smith 9780349145938
Book Image Payback in Death: An Eve Dallas thriller (In Death 57) J. D. Robb 9780349433929
Book Image Harlem After Midnight Louise Hare 9780008494957
Book Image Nineteen Steps Millie Bobby Brown 9780008530266
Book Image Wednesday’s Child Yiyun Li 9780008531867
Book Image How (Not) to Have an Arranged Marriage Amir Khan 9781035008223
Book Image Fall of Ruin and Wrath Jennifer L. Armentrout 9781035027378
Book Image Once a Monster Robert Dinsdale 9781529097375
Book Image Rouge Mona Awad 9781398504936
Book Image University Tales Jack Sheffield 9781787635548
Book Image The Gilda Stories Jewelle Gomez, Alexis Pauline Gumbs 9781784878627
Book Image The Winter List S.G. MacLean 9781529414226
Book Image A Queen of Thieves and Chaos K.A. Tucker 9781529909135
Book Image Tom Clancy Weapons Grade Don Bentley 9781408727744
Book Image The Stargazers Harriet Evans 9781472271426
Book Image Adama Lavie Tidhar 9781804543467
Book Image The Hidden Years Rachel Hore 9781398517936
Book Image The Armour of Light Ken Follett 9781447278832
Book Image Trust In Me Luca Veste 9781529357370
Book Image A Body in the Borderlands Helen Cox 9781529421521
Book Image The Crash Robert Peston 9781838777784
Book Image The Running Grave Robert Galbraith 9781408730942
Book Image The Christmas Guest PETER SWANSON 9780571378777
Book Image Traitors Gate Jeffrey Archer 9780008474379
Book Image Stop Them Dead Peter James 9781529089967
Book Image 12 Months to Live James Patterson 9781529136715
Book Image The Enchanters James Ellroy 9781529151268
Book Image The Vaster Wilds Lauren Groff 9781529152906
Book Image Land of Milk and Honey C Pam Zhang 9781529153668
Book Image Edge of Here Kelechi Okafor 9781398712997
Book Image Take Nothing For Granted Ross Kemp 9781399609722
Book Image Sisters under the Rising Sun HEATHER MORRIS 9781786582218
Book Image The Night House Jo Nesbo, Neil Smith 9781787303744
Book Image The Glutton A. K. Blakemore 9781783789191
Book Image Absolutely and Forever Rose Tremain 9781784745202
Book Image The Words of Kings and Prophets Shauna Lawless 9781803282671
Book Image In These Hallowed Halls: A Dark Academia anthology Paul Kane 9781803363608
Book Image No Reserve Felix Francis 9781804183212
Book Image The Mystery of Yew Tree House Lesley Thomson 9781804546161
Book Image Not Forever, But For Now Chuck Palahniuk 9781668021415
Book Image Chasm STACEY MCEWAN 9781915202406
Book Image The Lost Girl Rosie Goodwin 9781838773656
Book Image Bright Young Women Jessica Knoll 9781509839995
Book Image The Figurine Victoria Hislop 9781472263933
Book Image The Coal Miner's Wife Jennie Felton 9781472296733
Book Image North Woods Daniel Mason 9781399809283
Book Image You'd Look Better as a Ghost JOANNA WALLACE 9781800811294
Book Image Tell Me Your Secrets Mel McGrath 9780008336882
Book Image The Best of Tagore Rabindranath Tagore, Rudrangshu Mukherjee, Rudrangshu Mukherjee, William Radice 9781841594156
Book Image The Golden Gate Amy Chua 9781838959487
Book Image ‘We Know You’re Busy Writing…’ Edmund Crispin 9780008530662
Book Image The Diary of a Secret Royal HENRY MORRIS 9780008641788
Book Image Clive Cussler's Condor's Fury Graham Brown 9780241635414
Book Image Starter Villain John Scalzi 9781529082951
Book Image The Death I Gave Him Em X. Liu 9781786189981
Book Image Malibu Burning Lee Goldberg 9781662500671
Book Image Caracalla S.J.A. Turney 9781800329348
Book Image Dead Mountain Douglas Preston, Lincoln Child 9781801104319
Book Image The Last True Templar Boyd Morrison, Beth Morrison 9781801108683
Book Image The Blame Charlotte Langley 9781915798107
Book Image So Many Lives and All of Them Are Yours Ron Butlin 9781846976315
Book Image The Stranger Upstairs Lisa M. Matlin 9780593599952
Book Image Chameleon Remi Adeleke 9780063238831
Book Image Evil Eye Etaf Rum 9780008654191
Book Image Wound Oksana Vasyakina, Elina Alter 9781646221448
Book Image Finding Us Tracie Peterson 9780764237423
Book Image Canary Girls Jennifer Chiaverini 9780063080744
Book Image With a Kiss We Die L. R. Dorn 9780063205093
Book Image Crudo Olivia Laing 9780393652727
Book Image The New Mother Nora Murphy 9781529068863
Book Image The Neighbors We Want Tim Lane 9781639104734
Book Image Amazing Grace Adams Fran Littlewood 9781250857019
Book Image The Hidden Legion Snorri Kristjansson 9781786189752
Book Image Promise 9781787588134
Book Image Mr Harris Makes It Up F X Prendiville 9781803137414
Book Image The Young Man - WINNER OF THE 2022 NOBEL PRIZE IN LITERATURE Annie Ernaux, Alison L. Strayer 9781804270677
Book Image The Long Game Elena Armas 9781398522213