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Image of The Crash

The Crash

Robert Peston

From Shelf: Books that caught our eye.. New in hardback for september

The heart-stopping new thriller from the UK's top political journalist and Sunday Times bestseller.

As the world falls apart, a deadly conspiracy comes together . . .THE BRAND NEW 2023 THRILLER FROM BRITAIN'S TOP POLITICAL JOURNALIST - NOW AVAILABLE IN HARDBACK, EBOOK & AUDIOBOOK.______________________London, 2007. It's summer in the City: the economy is booming, profits are up and the stock market sits near record highs.But journalist Gil Peck is a lone voice worrying it can't last. Deep in the plumbing of the financial system, he has noticed strange things happening which could threaten the whole economy. But nobody wants to hear it: not the politicians taking credit for an end to boom and bust, not the bankers pocketing vast bonuses, not even Gil's bosses at the BBC, who think it's irrelevant.When Gil gets a tip-off that a small northern bank has run out of money, everything changes. His report sparks the first run on a UK bank in 140 years. The next day, Marilyn Krol, a director of the Bank of England dies in an apparent suicide.For Gil, it's personal. Marilyn was his lover: was his scoop connected to her suicide? Or is there something more sinister in her death? Gil is determined to find out.The more he investigates, the more he is drawn into the rotten heart of the financial system, where old school ties and secret Oxbridge societies lubricate vast and illegal conflicts of interest. The whole economy has been built on a house of cards, and Gil is threatening to bring it down.When simply reporting the facts can make or break fortunes, Gil has to ask himself: is he crossing the line between journalist and participant? Are his own conflicts of interest making him reckless? And in a world ruled by greed where nothing and no-one is too big to fail, what price will he pay for uncovering the truth?PRAISE FOR ROBERT PESTON'S DEBUT THRILLER, THE WHISTLEBLOWER:'Brilliant' - THE TIMES'Cracking' - DAILY MAIL'Winning' - SUNDAY TIMES'A hell of a read' - OBSERVER'Enthralling' - FINANCIAL TIMES'Enjoyable, intelligent' - GUARDIAN'A romping thriller' - INDEPENDENT'A rollicking read' - EVENING STANDARD'A gripping thriller' - DAILY EXPRESS'Fascinating' - DAILY MIRROR'Gripping' - RADIO TIMES'Compelling' - THE SUN

Published Date:
240mm x 162mm x 36mm
Thriller / suspense

RRP: £16.99

Format: Hardback

ISBN: 9781838777784

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