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Litalist is for people who love books. Love discovering them, reading them, and then sharing them. And what’s the one thing better than a book? A list of books, of course. A list of books to read, a list of books that made you laugh, or a list of books that took your breath away. The list of book lists is gloriously endless. Think of Litalist as your personal bookshelf. You add the books you love and then create lists to share with friends or strangers. You can browse lists created by other people and shop for books that you want to read. It’s all done by humans, not algorithms, just like a good old-fashioned book shop. And speaking of book shops, Litalist helps you buy books locally, from people who know, care, and talk about books as much as you do. It’s simple really: at Litalist, we want every book to find its own happy ending.





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