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The BA Summer Books Catalogue
Book Title Author ISBN
Book Image Salt and the Art of Seasoning James Strawbridge 9781915294036
Book Image The Earth Transformed Professor Peter Frankopan 9781526622563
Book Image Lady MacBethad Isabelle Schuler 9781526647252
Book Image Cuddy Benjamin Myers 9781526631503
Book Image The Book of Wilding Isabella Tree 9781526659293
Book Image The Wind Knows My Name Isabel Allende 9781526660312
Book Image Best of Friends Kamila Shamsie 9781526647719
Book Image Where The River Takes Us Lesley Parr 9781526647771
Book Image You're Not Supposed to Die Tonight Kalynn Bayron 9781526658463
Book Image As Long As the Lemon Trees Grow Zoulfa Katouh 9781526648549
Book Image Finn's Little Fibs Tom Percival 9781526642479
Book Image God Is An Octopus Ben Goldsmith 9781399408356
Book Image Big Caesars and Little Caesars Ferdinand Mount 9781399409711
Book Image Fearless Louise Minchin 9781399401180
Book Image Clytemnestra's Bind (Limited Edition Signed Hardback) Susan C Wilson 9781911107590
Book Image Nic Blake and the Remarkables: The Manifestor Prophecy Angie Thomas 9781529506549
Book Image The Deadlands: Hunted Skye Melki-Wegner 9781529504736
Book Image Spellstone Ross Montgomery 9781529501933
Book Image Loki: A Bad God's Guide to Ruling the World Louie Stowell, Louie Stowell 9781529501230
Book Image Sea Change Tobias Hickey, Peter Thomson 9781913074180
Book Image Whaling Nathan Munday 9781781727065
Book Image Tangletree Mysteries: Peggy & Stu Investigate! Steve Roberts, Joel Stewart 9781801300735
Book Image Hedgewitch: Woodwitch Skye McKenna, Tomislav Tomic 9781801300414
Book Image The King's Hats Sheila May Bird, Mark Beech 9781803381329
Book Image The Story of the Pearl Caroline Young 9781838611422
Book Image FIFA Women's World Cup 2023: The Official Guide Catherine Etoe, Natalia Sollohub 9781802796308
Book Image Football Superstars: England Rule Simon Mugford, Dan Green 9781783129928
Book Image Black Ops and Beaver Bombing Fiona Mathews, Tim Kendall 9780861545568
Book Image Magisteria Nicholas Spencer 9780861544615
Book Image Goodbye Eastern Europe Jacob Mikanowski 9780861542598
Book Image HappyHead Josh Silver 9780861545537
Book Image Warrior Girl Unearthed Angeline Boulley 9780861544196
Book Image Rani Reports Gabrielle Shewhorak, Satish Shewhorak, Navya Raju 9780861545032
Book Image My Especially Weird Week with Tess Anna Woltz, David Colmer 9780861542963
Book Image No Season but the Summer Matilda Leyser 9781911344919
Book Image Zen in the Garden Miki Sakamoto, Catherine Venner 9781914484032
Book Image Sherlock Bones and the Mystery of the Vanishing Magician Tim Collins, John Bigwood 9781780559216
Book Image The Last Overland Alex Bescoby 9781789295498
Book Image Pizza Pete and the Perilous Potions Carrie Sellon, Sarah Horne 9781913101954
Book Image Tiny Pieces of Enid Tim Ewins 9781785633102
Book Image What Gardeners Grow: Volume 6 Melanie Gandyra 9780711272903
Book Image The Draw of the Sea Wyl Menmuir 9780711273979
Book Image Round and Round Goes Mother Nature Margaux Samson Abadie, Gabby Dawnay 9780711279766
Book Image A Hero Like Me Jen Reid, Angela Joy, Leire Salaberria 9780711270411
Book Image The Thing at 52 Mr. Ross Montgomery, Richard Johnson 9780711279148
Book Image The Family Remains Lisa Jewell 9781529158564
Book Image Sea Bean Sally Huband 9781529152470
Book Image The Nightingale Sam Lee 9781804942291
Book Image Breathe Sadiq Khan 9781529152784
Book Image The Making of Another Major Motion Picture Masterpiece Tom Hanks 9781529151800
Book Image The Cassandra Complex Holly Smale 9781529195934
Book Image Just Sayin' Malorie Blackman 9781529118698
Book Image Act of Oblivion Robert Harris 9781529160321
Book Image Carrie Soto Is Back Taylor Jenkins Reid 9781529152128
Book Image The Twist of a Knife Anthony Horowitz 9781529159370
Book Image When Women Were Dragons Kelly Barnhill 9781471412226
Book Image The Walled Garden Sarah Hardy 9781838779252
Book Image Days at the Morisaki Bookshop Satoshi Yagisawa 9781786583239
Book Image The Illusions Liz Hyder 9781786581860
Book Image Killing Jericho William Hussey 9781804181164
Book Image Faruq and the Wiri Wiri Sophia Payne, Sandhya Prabhat 9781800782624
Book Image The Spaces In Between Jaspreet Kaur, Manjit Thapp 9781787419353
Book Image Rhubarb Lemonade Oskar Kroon, Annie Prime 9781471413124
Book Image I, Spy Rhian Tracey 9781800784406
Book Image Egyptology Dugald Steer, Ian Andrew, Helen Ward, Nick Harris, Nick Harris 9781840118520
Book Image Family of Liars E. Lockhart 9781471413520
Book Image The Language of Food Annabel Abbs 9781398502253
Book Image The Sisterhood Katherine Bradley 9781398519114
Book Image All About Evie MATSON TAYLOR 9781471190872
Book Image The Wilderness Cure Mo Wilde 9781398508651
Book Image The Year of Sitting Dangerously Simon Barnes 9781398518889
Book Image Foreign Bodies Simon Schama 9781471169892
Book Image A Pocketful of Happiness Richard E. Grant 9781398519503
Book Image The Satsuma Complex Bob Mortimer 9781398521230
Book Image Small Joys Elvin James Mensah 9781398514881
Book Image Dawnlands Philippa Gregory 9781471172922
Book Image The Bridleway Tiffany Francis-Baker 9781399403184
Book Image Witchcraft Marion Gibson 9781398508507
Book Image Skandar and the Unicorn Thief A.F. Steadman 9781398502734
Book Image Story Dog Jan Fearnley 9781471191756
Book Image The Storm Whale: Tenth Anniversary Edition Benji Davies 9781398519633
Book Image Skandar and the Phantom Rider A.F. Steadman 9781398502918
Book Image Supertato: Mean Green Time Machine Sue Hendra, Paul Linnet 9781398511675
Book Image Where Have You Been, Little Cat? Richard Jones 9781398502512
Book Image Homecoming Kate Morton 9781529094046
Book Image The Ghost Ship KATE MOSSE 9781509806911
Book Image Young Mungo Douglas Stuart 9781529068788
Book Image Sparrow James Hynes 9781529092394
Book Image Trust Hernan Diaz 9781529074529
Book Image The Green Gardening Handbook Nancy Birtwhistle 9781035003716
Book Image I am Oliver the Otter Pam Ayres, Nicola O'Byrne 9781529067064
Book Image My Heart Was a Tree Michael Morpurgo, Yuval Zommer 9781529094794
Book Image Greenwild: The World Behind The Door Pari Thomson, Elisa Paganelli 9781035015733
Book Image Julia Donaldson's Book of Names Julia Donaldson, Nila Aye 9781529076431
Book Image Atlas: The Story of Pa Salt Lucinda Riley, Harry Whittaker 9781529043525
Book Image Mrs Porter Calling AJ Pearce 9781035000784
Book Image The 20-Minute Vegan Calum Harris 9781035013654
Book Image Grandad's Pride Harry Woodgate 9781839132667
Book Image Until the Road Ends Phil Earle 9781839133169
Book Image Bitterthorn Kat Dunn 9781839132957
Book Image Nightjar Katya Balen, Richard Johnson 9781800901667
Book Image Jodie Hilary McKay, Keith Robinson 9781800902206
Book Image Holey Moley Bethan Clarke, Anders Frang 9781801044134
Book Image Friendship Never Ends Alexandra Sheppard 9781913311414
Book Image The Exquisite Art of Getting Even Alexander McCall Smith 9781846976421
Book Image Wild History James Crawford 9781780277868
Book Image 'Unsuitable for Females' Carrie Dunn 9781913759094
Book Image I Think of You Alexander McCall Smith 9781846976452
Book Image The Wine Runner Colin Renton 9781915359056
Book Image My First Garden Livi Gosling 9780241567401
Book Image How to Attract Wildlife to Your Garden Dan Rouse 9780241593301
Book Image It's Not That Radical Mikaela Loach 9780241597538
Book Image The LGBTQ + History Book DK 9780241596265
Book Image The Pepperpot Diaries Andi Oliver 9780241560211
Book Image RHS Resilient Garden Tom Massey 9780241575833
Book Image Wonderfully Wired Brains Louise Gooding, Ruth Burrows 9780241568163
Book Image Get Guerrilla Gardening Ellen Miles 9780241593349
Book Image Europe by Train 9780241616024
Book Image Timelines of Nature 9780241601624
Book Image Goddesses and Heroines Jean Menzies, Katie Ponder 9780241609774
Book Image Growing Up Powerful Nona Willis Aronowitz, Caribay Marquina 9781953424457
Book Image Marple: Twelve New Stories Agatha Christie, Naomi Alderman, Leigh Bardugo, Alyssa Cole, Lucy Foley, Elly Griffiths, Natalie Haynes, Jean Kwok, Val McDermid, Karen M. McManus 9780008467357
Book Image Rootless Krystle Zara Appiah 9780008528836
Book Image Death Comes to Marlow Robert Thorogood 9780008476519
Book Image Yellowface Rebecca F Kuang 9780008532772
Book Image Abyss Max Hastings 9780008365035
Book Image Friendaholic Elizabeth Day 9780008374891
Book Image My Fourth Time, We Drowned Sally Hayden 9780008445614
Book Image The Restless Republic Anna Keay 9780008282059
Book Image Imad's Syrian Kitchen Imad Alarnab 9780008532376
Book Image Nature Poems Deborah Alma, National Trust Books 9780008596026
Book Image The Full English Stuart Maconie 9780008498269
Book Image Amari and the Great Game BB Alston 9781405298650
Book Image Cosima Unfortunate Steals A Star Laura Noakes 9780008579050
Book Image The Case of the Fishy Detective Iona Rangeley, David Tazzyman 9780008476038
Book Image Five Survive Holly Jackson 9780008507237
Book Image Lies We Sing to the Sea Sarah Underwood 9780008558536
Book Image Cursed Crowns Katherine Webber, Catherine Doyle 9780008492236
Book Image Wandering Souls Cecile Pin 9780008528775
Book Image The Lost Rainforests of Britain Guy Shrubsole 9780008527990
Book Image Rural Rebecca Smith 9780008526276
Book Image A Tidy Ending Joanna Cannon 9780008255053
Book Image The Maid Nita Prose 9780008435769
Book Image All the Wide Border Mike Parker 9780008499181
Book Image The Shadow Cabinet Juno Dawson 9780008478551
Book Image Peep Inside the Deep Ocean Anna Milbourne, Stephanie Fizer Coleman 9781474986328
Book Image Extreme Planet: The Deep Laura Cowan, Qu Lan 9781801313124
Book Image Roarr! Sam Taplin, Ailie Busby 9781803706443
Book Image Look Inside a Zoo Minna Lacey, Maribel Lechuga 9781803701752
Book Image Izzy the Inventor and the Unexpected Unicorn Zanna Davidson, Elissa Elwick 9781474969918
Book Image Little Sticker Dolly Dressing Garden Fairy Fiona Watt, Lizzie Mackay 9781801314879
Book Image My Name is Sunshine Simpson G.M. Linton, Fuuji Takashi 9781801313346
Book Image Tiny, the Secret Adventurer Aisha Bushby, Kubra Teber 9781801314121
Book Image Broken Hearts & Zombie Parts William Hussey 9781803700038
Book Image Rainforest Magic Painting Book Marcella Grazzi, Sam Baer 9781803701226
Book Image Lift-the-flap Questions and Answers about Refugees Katie Daynes, Ashe de Sousa, Oksana Drachkovska 9781803709987
Book Image Don't Tickle the Shark! Sam Taplin, Ana Martin Larranaga 9781803700915
Book Image Quiet Storm KIMBERLY WHITTAM 9781803708065
Book Image Ecology for Beginners ANDY PRENTICE, Lan Cook, Anton Hallmann 9781474998475
Book Image The Boy Who Made Monsters Jenny Pearson, Katie Kear 9781474999892
Book Image The Power of Trees Peter Wohlleben, Jane Billinghurst 9781771647748
Book Image The Night Ship Jess Kidd 9781838856540
Book Image The House of Doors Tan Twan Eng 9781838858292
Book Image An Unlasting Home Mai Al-Nakib 9780863569272
Book Image River Spirit Leila Aboulela 9780863569173
Book Image Ghost Season Fatin Abbas 9781914344763
Book Image Black Valley Farm Sheila Bugler 9781800327344
Book Image The Irresistible Attraction of Gravity Luciano Rezzolla 9781009198752
Book Image Mother Sea Lorraine Wilson 9781914148330
Book Image Demon Copperhead Barbara Kingsolver 9780571376483
Book Image Birnam Wood Eleanor Catton 9781783784257
Book Image Enchantment Katherine May 9780571378333
Book Image The Kind Worth Saving PETER SWANSON 9780571373550
Book Image Everything We Are KAREN ANGELICO 9781399600347
Book Image Jamie L.D. Lapinski 9781510110922
Book Image Queen Charlotte: Before the Bridgertons came the love story that changed the ton... Julia Quinn, Shonda Rhimes 9780349436678
Book Image Bleeding Heart Yard Elly Griffiths 9781529409970