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Image of A Hero Like Me

A Hero Like Me

Jen Reid, Angela Joy, Leire Salaberria

From Shelf: The BA Summer Books Catalogue

A Hero Like Me is inspired by the events of 7th June 2020, when a statue of Edward Colston was pulled down and thrown into Bristol Harbour. It's a ground-breaking picture book that provides important lessons and gives children an example of a hero that's just like them.

Empower children to stand up for what is right with this picture book inspired by the real-life events around the statue of a slave trader, its toppling and heroic replacement. They call him 'HERO', but he's no HERO - not to me. A Hero Like Me is inspired by the events of 7 June 2020, when a statue of seventeenth-century slave trader Edward Colston was pulled down and thrown into Bristol Harbour during an anti-racism protest. Co-author Jen Reid was one of the protesters that day, and despite being afraid of heights, she spontaneously climbed onto the empty plinth and raised her fist high above her head - a moment that was captured on camera and shared around the world. On the morning of 15 July, a statue of Jen by Marc Quinn was added to the empty plinth. It was called A Surge of Power and it gained national attention for the 24 hours it was in place, and beyond. This inspiring picture book tells the story of these events through the eyes of a little girl who, every day, on her way to school, sees a towering statue. A statue of a man who sold freedom for cotton and tea. The world around her says this man is a hero. But she knows he's not a hero - not a real one. Heroes are hard to find. She looks for them around corners, under rocks, and on TV, but there are none that she can see. And so, the little girl marches and shouts for them instead. And that statue - he doesn't belong. He doesn't stand for Kindness. He doesn't stand for Peace. Maybe he shouldn't stand at all. A Hero Like Me empowers children to have courage to stand up for what is right and be their own hero. It shows every child that they have a voice in their community and a say in who is on their streets. That they too have power, just like Jen.

Paperback / softback
Quarto Publishing PLC
Published Date:
276mm x 235mm
Personal & social issues: racism & multiculturalism (Children's / Teenage)

RRP: £7.99

Format: Paperback / softback

ISBN: 9780711270411

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