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Image of The Bridleway

The Bridleway

Tiffany Francis-Baker

From Shelf: The BA Summer Books Catalogue

WINNER OF THE ELWYN HARTLEY-EDWARDS AWARD FOR EQUINE WRITING, 2023. Tiffany Francis-Baker explores how the relationship between humans and horses has shaped the British landscape and how this connection has become part of our nation's ecosystems. Many of us enjoy walking or riding on bridleways. These ancient networks crisscross the British countryside, but we rarely pause to ponder how they came to be. Tiffany Francis-Baker tells the intriguing history of Britain's bridleways, revealing how our relationship with horses is deeply woven into the fabric of British culture, from street and pub names to trading routes and coaching inns. She meets the closest living descendants of wild horses and investigates our evolving relationship with horses, exploring equestrian sports, horse fairs, horseback travellers and adventurers, and how humans and horses have worked together for millennia. Part-domesticated and part-fiercely independent, horses have long captured our imaginations, and in The Bridleway, Francis-Baker reveals how deeply rooted they have been in our culture for thousands of years and how they can help us understand the natural world and our place within it.

Bloomsbury Publishing PLC
Published Date:
216mm x 135mm
Horses & ponies

RRP: £17.99

Format: Hardback

ISBN: 9781399403184

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