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Lost & Found

Elizabeth Garner, Phoebe Connolly

From Shelf: What's In The Box Mrs Harris?

Folk tales take us beyond our own boundaries into unknown lands. Yet within these adventures, riddles and enchantments we find our common ground and shared humanity. Lost & Found is Elizabeth Garner's own retelling of fifteen treasured folk tales that have nurtured, sustained, terrified and enthralled her in equal measure. Some of the stories are taken from the books of her childhood, some are remembered, and others she has discovered in her reading over the years.

Garner's tapestry of words is adorned with engraver Phoebe Connolly's beautiful woodcut illustrations that bring the friends and foes of folklore to life. Included in the collection are stories such as 'The Riddle of the Crossroads', 'The Twisted Oak', 'The Wits of the Whetstone' and many more. With a varied and diverse cast of characters, Garner's retellings expertly traverse a myriad of mysterious worlds; always staying true to tradition, while simultaneously speaking to modern times.

This illustrated collection is another link in the chain between storyteller, listener and our shared ancestors: tales from the past, told to enrich the present and to be carried forward into the future.

Published Date:
222mm x 141mm
Short stories

RRP: £16.99

Format: Hardback

ISBN: 9781800181236

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