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Image of Very Short Introductions for Curious Young Minds: The Earth's Essential Rainforests

Very Short Introductions for Curious Young Minds: The Earth's Essential Rainforests

Isabel Thomas

From Shelf: The BA Christmas Catalogue.

Rainforests around the world keep our world in perfect balance. They are essential to life on earth and are the world's oldest living ecosystems. The Earth's Essential Rainforests introduces why rainforests are so important to us and our planet, and what we can do to protect them.

Do you know why rainforests are called 'lungs of the world'? Or the 'beating hearts' of the planet? The Earth's Essential Rainforests will answer these questions and more. They shape our weather, are home to most of the world's plant and animal species, and are our planet's oldest living ecosystems. Meticulously researched by experts, curious young readers will quickly learn about these vast ecosystems and how these ancient forests are at risk. They will learn key terminology and facts so that they can speak about our rainforests with confidence. The Earth's Essential Rainforests explains the importance of rainforests. The illustrations, photographs, rainforest heroes and 'Speak like a Scientist' sections examine facts about the rainforest, tell of their astonishing biodiversity, and explore how we must protect them. This handy-sized book, with glossary and index, is the perfect way to get to know our rainforests and to understand how dependent our planet is on them. Author Isabel Thomas studied Human Sciences at Oxford University and in 2020 won an AAAS Subaru Prize for Excellence In Science Books. Consultant Dr Alda Cuna1/2*-Sanchez is a Professor at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences and has studied rainforests for 15 years. The Earth's Essential Rainforests is part of a collectible set. If you love this title, why not collect them all?

Paperback / softback
Oxford University Press
Published Date:
174mm x 112mm x 6mm
Children's, Teenage & educational

RRP: £7.99

Format: Paperback / softback

ISBN: 9780192782939

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