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Image of Very Short Introductions for Curious Young Minds: The Expanding World of Data

Very Short Introductions for Curious Young Minds: The Expanding World of Data

Tom Jackson

From Shelf: The BA Christmas Catalogue.

Data answers big questions about our world. It tells us about our planet, our history, and even predicts what we like and might want to buy. The Expanding World of Data unpacks what data is and how it is a bigger part of our lives than we may realize.

Data is an integral part of our lives. It helps us to unlock hidden mysteries and even predict the future. The Expanding World of Data uncovers the world of data in a way that is accessible, engaging and thought-provoking, using colourful artwork, illustrations, comic strips, 'Speak like a Scientist' and data hero sections. This book is the perfect resource for those curious minds who want to know more about data, what it is and what it does. Data can even help us to make the planet a better place. This title is one of an exciting series from Oxford, giving accessible introductions to the ideas, facts, and vocabulary behind an absorbing range of subjects. Meticulously researched and written by experts in their fields, curious young readers will quickly get to grips with the basic principles and terminology of each subject. Author Tom Jackson has been a writer for 25 years, written about 200 books and specializes in science and technology. Consultant Dr Bran Knowles is a Senior Lecturer in the Data Science Institute at Lancaster University where she leads the Data and Society theme. The Expanding World of Data is part of a wider collectible set. If you love this title, why not collect them all?

Paperback / softback
Oxford University Press
Published Date:
174mm x 112mm x 6mm
Children's, Teenage & educational

RRP: £7.99

Format: Paperback / softback

ISBN: 9780192783165

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