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Image of Einstein in Time and Space

Einstein in Time and Space

Samuel Graydon

From Shelf: The BA Christmas Catalogue.

A rollercoaster ride through the life and ideas of the twentieth century's most famous and controversial scientist in 99 sparkling vignettes.

DROPOUT. PACIFIST. PHYSICIST. CASANOVA. REFUGEE. REBEL. GENIUS.THINK YOU KNOW EINSTEIN? THINK AGAINHis face is instantly recognisable. His name is shorthand for genius. Today, he's a figurehead as much as a man, symbolic of things larger than himself: of scientific progress, of the human mind, even of the age. But who was Einstein really?The Nobel Prize-winning physicist who discovered relativity, black holes and E = mc2, dined with Charlie Chaplin in Hollywood and was the inspiration for (highly radioactive) element 99, Albert Einstein was also a high school dropout with an FBI file 1,400 pages long.In this book, Samuel Graydon brings history's most famous scientist back to life. From his lost daughter to escaping the Nazis, from his love letters to unlikely inventions, from telling jokes to cheer up his sad parrot Bibo to refusing the Presidency of Israel, through the discoveries and thought experiments that changed science, Einstein in Time and Space tells 99 unforgettable stories of the man who redefined how we view our universe and our place within it.

John Murray Press
Published Date:
236mm x 162mm x 36mm
Relativity physics

RRP: £20

Format: Hardback

ISBN: 9781529372489

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