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Image of A Mystery at the Incredible Hotel

A Mystery at the Incredible Hotel

Kate Davies, Isabelle Follath

From Shelf: The BA Christmas Catalogue.

A Mystery at the Incredible Hotel tells the charming story of aspiring detective Matilda, who goes on the hunt for the thief who stole her friend Stefan's precious baking recipe!

In this follow-up to The Incredible Hotel, a crime disrupts the prestigious baking competition taking place at the hotel. But will detective Matilda be able to solve the case? The World Baking Competition is coming up. It is taking place at the Incredible Hotel and will be judged by guest of honour, Chef Tartine. Stefan has perfected his chocolate cake recipe but on the morning of the event... the recipe is nowhere to be found! Luckily, the best detective in Delaunay is on hand - Stefan's best friend, Matilda. Who could the thief be?! Everyone has their theory and Mr Starch, the hotel manager, is ready to point the finger at a baking saboteur... From exceptionally talented author Kate Davies and award-winning illustrator Isabelle Follath, this enchantingly illustrated and nostalgic picture book visits the same unique hotel as the previous book, depicted in characterful illustrations and described with whimsical and charming text. With a strong and smart female lead, this is a principled and entertaining story.

Quarto Publishing PLC
Published Date:
276mm x 235mm
Picture books

RRP: £12.99

Format: Hardback

ISBN: 9780711264243

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